We focus on understanding and exploiting materials properties to create efficient, long life, low cost energy storage and generation technologies such as:

  • Alkali-ion intercalation and alloy materials
  • High surface area/nano-structured materials 
  • Catalyst/membrane materials and structures for fuel cells (PEM systems)
  • Solid State Ion conductors for batteries and photoelectrochemical cells 

We also study the economic and policy implications involved with:

  • Batteries for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (including V2G scenarios)
  • Scaled energy storage for grid applications
  • Distributed energy generation and storage technologies
  • The development and entrepreneurship  processes used to bring new technologies to Market




The Scott Institute for Energy Innovation has united Carnegie Mellon's energy researchers.  See a promotional video featuring Professor Whitacre

2013 Global Cleantech! 

Whitacre, Aquion Energy, win the 2013 Pittsburgh Business Times Energy Leadership Award

Aquion Energy Scaling to Manufacturing:   A plant site has been selected in Westmoreland county, about 30 miles from Pittsburgh.  Scaled production of batteries has started!  Shipping to early customers and third party testing agencies. 

Whitacre Delivers TEDx talk at TEDxCMU:  Check back to the TEDxCMU website for a posting of the video

Whitacre Hosts Commerce Secretary John Bryson:  To talk about innovation and domestic manufacturing

Aquion Energy Wins Two Awards in Fall 2011:  Pittsburgh Technology Council "Tech 50" Award:  Best Startup, and the World Technology Council "Best Energy Technology" (awarded at the UN in October 2011).  

Whitacre Awarded Carnegie Mellon Elia Development Chair:  Development chair  given to Professor Whitacre  will offer financial support for two years to encourage more novel research.

Whitacre wins CMU George Tallman Ladd Research Award:  Professor Whitacre has been awarded the 2010 CMU Ladd Award, which is given annualy in recognition of outstanding research and professional accomplishments and potential.  

DoE Announces $5M grant to CMU/Aquion Energy:  Funding is to develop the aqueous sodium ion battery chemistry that has been under study by the Whitacre research group over the past 18 months.  Carnegie Mellon Press Release link.

6 New papers recently accepted to peer review journals: See "publications" link. 



New Industrial Grant Awarded:  Recently funded proposal will allow for the investigation of low cost battery materials and systems.

DoE Grant Awarded:  Funding is to support the effort in evaluating energy storage solutions for plug-in hybrid vehicles in the context of vehicle - to - grid  (V2G) load sharing.


Toyota Award: In partnership with J. Michalek of Mechanical Engineering, Toyota has funded an in-depth study on PHEV performance and driver behavior.  A 2009 Prius with an aftermarket 5 kWh Li-ion battery pack has been purchased and is being outfitted with sensors and computer equipmen